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please pay attention to me ヾ(´∀`○)ノ

022: Technology Crossing: The Research Rundown

please pay attention to me ヾ(´∀`○)ノ

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What is research & how is it done?
  • connect & learn from users
  • there aren't many beakers in tech research, thanks, Jason
  • research has been democratized a lot thanks to tools like Zoom
  • used to be done on-site
What is the motivation for research?
  • used from conception thru seeing if your idea works
  • a lot of assumptions without backing
  • start w something you know but then you get out of your depths

You are not your user
  • escaping being self-referential 
  • experiences and workflows are different
  • there will always be someone who approaches another way
When do you bring in research?
  • across the company, not in just one spot, not at the end of the line
  • before you know what you need to build
Research Interviews aka "business therapist"
  • how to ask questions
  • this is not a test
  • "ask an open-ended question and just leave it open and people will fill in the gap"
  • *the Oprah moment*
From abstract to concrete
  • function research lead to new presentation which lead to higher adoption
  • Multi-Team Management, cross-functional teamwork...makes the dream work
  • iterative usability testing to make it make sense
  • spending money, breaking things, pain & legacy code OR research 
  • save yourself the heartache 
  • get the feedback from not meanies/angries
What skillz do you need?
  • #1 be highly empathetic
  • curious, analytic, compelling story-teller
  • no design or STEM degree necessary
  • understand and care about people
Making research a part of Netlify
TidBits & ThoughtThings™️
If you had to move to a different field of research, what would it be and why?

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