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for people who hate testing ・(•́⍛•̀; ≡ •́⍛•̀;)

021: Jamstack Ecosystem: Automated Testing with QA Wolf

for people who hate testing ・(•́⍛•̀; ≡ •́⍛•̀;)

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People who were remotely interesting:
& we welcome, Jon Perl & Laura Cressman from QA Wolf 👏!!
In this episode, we learn about testing from some people who hate testing. BUT really what they hated was all the setup and how hard it was to get up and running with testing. SO, they solved that problem with QA Wolf. Let's jump in!

Phil makes a pun
- we all squirm & boo

What is QA Wolf
- setting up testing is such a pain, so Jon & Laura made automated testing as easy as manual testing
- a hosted sass that while you use your site it creates tests based on actions
- hit the ground running instead of being stunted by setup

No One Likes Creating Tests
- QA Wolf is testing for people who hate testing
- QA Wolf "testing for n00bs"
- a lingering fear that in testing you'll break something, get rid of that

The Different Types of Testing
- QA is end-to-end testing
- what are unit tests?
- what is end-to-end testing?
- what are critical workflows that need to be tested?

How Does QA Wolf Work?
- browsers on browsers aka no need to install
- as you're walking through your site tracking code is injected w event listeners
- there's a heuristic...it's complicated
- they have the best selectors
- written almost entirely in TypeScript

History in the Making...of QA Wolf
- the first project
- the goal of having everything created for you
- getting better over time thanks to users feedback and dog fooding
- "what would a better version of this look like?"
- where were developers struggling?

- acronyms on acronyms
- Netlify Collaborative Deploy Previews 🎉
- QA Wolf being online means everyone can work together online
- people can work on the same tests and ask team members to collaborate
- team members from all different tech levels can participate

How do you Show what a Test Looks Like?
- devs want it in code but what about low-code/no-code for less tech savvy
- Ben did 😅 manual testing with Selenium
- start small, like with one task
- flakiness of test frameworks
- records video of desktop where test fails
- show the exact JS line where the test fails
- when a test fails just edit the test in line 🤯

Amazing stories of all the things we've done on the internet and all still somehow have jobs.

TidBits & ThoughtThings™️
What in your everyday life do you wish had a testing suite?

As always, we hope you find it remotely interesting.


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